Just a few notes on cricket care...

After lots of messing around trying to find a cheap, efficient way to water crickets I finally settled on the following design.

1) One small plastic jar
2) One small plastic plant pot tray
3) One strip of aluminum window screen about 1 in. by 6 in.
4) One paper towel

The 13 oz. cricket food jars I've been hoarding are just about perfect. Four inch plant pot trays are a perfect fit for these jars. If you use a differnt sized jar, you may need a different sized tray. A lid from a larger jar might also work. Don't use nylon window screen because the crickets will eat it.

Cut a slot in the mouth of the jar as pictured below. Don't make it too small or the water won't flow. Don't cut deeper than the depth of your tray or it will go everywhere.

Bend the screen into a "V" shape to form a ramp for the crickets to climb. Fill the jar with water. Place the tray on top of the jar with the end of the ramp between jar and tray. Quicky flip the jar over. Roll up the paper towel and press it into place as shown.

Total cost: About $0.50 (for the tray)
This will water several hundred crickets for around a week before the paper starts to get nasty, which is usually long before the water runs out. Just toss the old paper towel, clean the other parts and replace the paper.

Another tray and screen ramp makes a good feeder. Loosely crumpled, used printer paper makes for good housing and is basically free.

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